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Why a team?

Why a team? I have been in real estate for over 13 years, mostly as a single agent. I have juggled the many balls required to be a successful agent and have worked extremely hard to be the best I could be for my clients. I placed third in the nation of over 150,000 Keller Williams agents in 2015 and was safely in my zone… but I didn’t want to stop at just trying to be the best that I could be. My goal has always been to do what is best for my clients. I have hired the most amazing people on my team the past few years that have added their vast skills, talents and personalities to specialize in and elevate the varying roles of real estate. The business of selling real estate has exponentially gotten better. We get results for our clients that far supersede what I could of possibly dreamed of as a single agent. I am incredibly proud of and thankful for my team. Working together with the same vision towards a common goal is so rewarding and enjoyable and I am humbled to be able to lead this group. And thank you Ryan Hanson Homes friends for trusting us with what is likely the biggest financial decision of your life. This is a phenomenal journey we are all on! -Ryan


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