Daily Journal: Realtor offers 3D home tours on website.


    Realtor offers 3D home tours on website.

    Calling a realtor or meeting one in person can be a struggle for many busy customers. Not to mention they can get the complete wrong impression of a home by looking at flat photos on a website. Ryan Hanson Homes recently introduced a service new to Minnesota that erases these home-selling hurdles.

    Ryan Hanson Homes of Keller Williams Realty has rolled out new 3D home models and tours of home listings since the beginning of January. According to administration and marketing manager Maria Hanson, these 3D tours are popular with thousands of views through their Facebook and website for each listing.

    “We want to provide whatever is best for our clients,” Ryan Hanson said. “It’s very exciting and the response has been great.”

    The models and tours are put together using Matterport iPad software and a Matterport tripod camera operated by their videographer, Wayne Stender. Stender sets the camera up in the home’s rooms and it automatically takes pictures that the software will stitch together to create the model. The whole process takes about a day and the listing will have the 3D tour or model a week after it is first posted.

    Ryan Hanson Homes is one of the only Realtors in Minnesota to offer this technology, according to Hanson. He said he is always looking for new ways to help customers and thought this was the next step for customer convenience and accessibility.

    “It can often be intimidating to call a Realtor or have a seller set up tour times at an occupied house,” Maria Hanson said. “This technology can fix both of those problems.”

    These 3D models can be completely manipulated by website visitors, letting them see every room’s real depth and shape instead of relying on floorplans. Ryan said that the models provide a real sense of space that just looking at dimensions can’t provide.

    These models and tours are freely available to anyone online.

    “Whether you are looking to buy a $50,000 home or $500,000 home, we want to give you the best experience possible,” Ryan said.

    Although they are not available for every listing because of a higher seller price, Ryan believes these tours are a great service for his business and worth the asking price. He said he decided to implement the tours and models after seeing the Matterport technology in action at real estate conventions in 2014.

    “I live and breathe real estate and am always open to new ideas,” Ryan said.

    Ryan Hanson Homes consists of broker Ryan Hanson, marketing manager Maria Hanson, executive assistant Lindsey Veum and videographer Wayne Stender. They have been a Realtor group part of Keller Williams since KW opened in Fergus Falls three years ago. Hanson has headed the group since they formed and has 11 years experience as a Realtor.

    Marie Noplos/Daily Journal

    Published 11:17am Thursday, February 26, 2015


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